Scott Reece:

Taught to play guitar by Clif G while still in grammar school, Scott has been featured in many Bay Area acts, but his first allegiance to his old mentor.. His grooves and arrangements are well respected throughout the industry. His uniquely rhythmic style of play helps create extra dimensionality in REMEDY's power trio arrangements.

Clif Gianuzzi:

Long regarded as one of the Bay Area guitar virtuosos,
Clif raises the bar again for other players and his fans with his fiery riffs and beautiful progressions.

Bennie Murray:

An outstanding talent, Bennie has played all over the world, having begun touring
Europe w artists New Birth, and Aaron Neville at 18 yrs old. Bennie's drumming and percussion sense are among the world's greats.

Rodne Jolay:

Discovered by the world's greatest rock producer Sandy Pearlman in 1991, Rodne rose to fame as singer/songwriter for THE BETRAYALS (4 time TOP 25 IMN Europe, Japan, Australia) in the ALT ROCK genre. Pearlman recruited Bennie Murray for the project, and this singer and his drummer have worked together ever since. In REMEDY we hear his American roots in a blues rock, melodic style.